About St. BVA

About St. BVA

To make the world a better place tomorrow requires one thing today:
connection to others.

We help others because - with a little bit of bad luck - we could very well have been in their shoes.
And because a little better luck could have put someone else in our shoes.
So our daily focus is on people around the world.

And we know that we are not alone,
that a great number of people feel connected
and want to contribute!

That they believe in an organisation that builds bridges
and connects people -
not only today, but also tomorrow. And next week...

It is a goal that can be pursued anywhere on the planet,
benefits everyone and truly makes a difference.

A goal deeply rooted in the past,
but with a focus on the world of today and tomorrow.

Let’s make the difference together,
for a better world for all.
Something that may seem trivial to us
may very well mean a significant difference for others.

So let’s lend each other a helping hand...

We are Catholic

How can we simply sit back and watch others suffer from hunger, thirst or illness? We feel a part of one big family, which is why we want to help those who are less fortunate than us. After all, connection is also about equality. This is why we support around 80 small-scale development projects each year. And since we want to share our experiences and inspiration with others, we set aside part of our budget for projects that contribute to awareness of the conditions in which people in faraway countries live and the solutions our projects offer. During the fasting period, we visit dozens of primary schools, for instance, where we use musicals, workshops and guest lessons to teach children about ‘faraway’ and talk to them about such things as charity and fasting.

Our projects

Thanks to the network of Catholic Caritas organisations, we can make a difference in places and situations that are not easily accessible to most. And we sometimes do things that no one else will do. And the best possible outcome? That we are no longer needed because people are able to manage things on their own and, as a result, have regained their dignity.

  • We help everyone and anyone, regardless of religious, gender or background.
  • In 2017, we supported 75 projects, totalling 2,5 million euros.
  • We operate worldwide.
  • We support small-scale, socioeconomic projects.

A few of our accomplishments in 2017

  • 11,485 people received information on HIV/AIDS
  • 795 young people, women and former prisoners underwent vocational training
  • 5,185 children received an education
  • 645 disabled children received support in the form of education and/or medical care
  • 2,125 people were provided with access to clean water
  • 4,500 people received medical care
  • 2,225 families received support from a social worker
  • 8,355 people received emergency aid

Our campaigns

Our most important (and best known) campaigns are Vastenactie and Adventsactie. In the weeks prior to Easter (fasting) and Christmas (advent), we raise funds in the Netherlands. These donations are used to support around 80 small-scale development projects each year. We also request financial support in the Netherlands when a major disaster hits, as well as for helping thousands of primary school children through our school programme.