International Project Applications

International Project Applications

We are committed to supporting small-scale socioeconomic projects. Project applications must be submitted by the project holder in the project country. We do not operate via Dutch foundations and/or organisations. Our guidelines for submitting a project are listed below.


IcoonProject applications may be submitted throughout the year.


IcoonThe maximum budget for any project is €50,000. Ongoing expenses are not eligible for funding.


IcoonProject applications must be focused on reducing poverty through a socioeconomic approach. While our foundation tends to deprioritise construction projects and favours investing in people by helping them to improve their skills and capabilities, we do support projects where construction forms part of the wider development programme.

IcoonAnother condition is that the project must have visible ties to the Catholic Church; this must be evidenced by a supporting letter from the local Bishop. If this is a problem, please contact us by sending an email to

IcoonThe project organisation in the country where the project is based must be an independent legal entity and bear legal responsibility, or must be an official ecclesiastical institution (i.e. a diocese, parish, order or congregation).

IcoonThe project activities should be designed to benefit the overall community rather than being geared to individual support. The project should not involve institutional support, operating expenses, support for conferences, study tours, courses, scientific research, or fundraising activities.


The project should be focused on helping the organisation to achieve independence. The project structure must be sustainable and its implementation must be feasible. In addition, there must be a clear exit or fading-out strategy in order to prevent dependence. It is also important that the project helps to increase the project organisation’s capabilities.

IcoonWe support project partners in project countries for a maximum of three consecutive years. Projects are approved for a period of one year and applications must be resubmitted each year if the project partners intend to continue the project.


IcoonThe project must be consistent with the local and regional context in the country where it is based, while we also strive for gender equality.



Application form

You can download the application form for international projects here


Procedure for international projects

The BVA Project Committee reviews international project applications four times a year. The procedure for project applications is shown in the flowchart below.