Project policy

Project policy

Stichting BVA/BVA Foundation supports projects which are in line with its vision and consistent with the Foundation’s four core values of Dignity, Solidarity, the Common Good, and Subsidiarity. This vision is based on the rich patrimony of Catholic Social Doctrine. Operating under the auspices of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands, BVA supports projects within the Catholic network in other parts of the world.

Solidarity and Subsidiarity

BVA aims to show solidarity with people who live in inhumane conditions. The projects we support are for the benefit of all humankind, irrespective of their personal or religious beliefs, gender, sex or national origin. Each of our projects puts human beings first and is aimed at restoring human dignity. Typical examples are projects which allow children or adults access to education, help people to start their own businesses, or projects which help individuals or communities to become aware of their rights and teach them how to exercise these rights. It is important that these projects help people to help themselves as much as possible (this is known as the ‘Principle of Solidarity’ in Catholic Social Doctrine).

Dedication and local integration

The projects we support benefit the local community as a whole and help people to treat the environment in a responsible manner. This makes our projects, which are initiated by local communities and are firmly rooted therein, compatible with our values and principles. One of our criteria is the degree to which the individuals and groups receiving support are involved in the project themselves: are they actively contributing to the project? We also consider the involvement of local entities, including cooperatives, societies and associations, or parishes. We regard a favourable opinion of the local bishop a key indication of this local integration; at the same time, his approval means that he believes the project is consistent with the principles of Catholic Social Doctrine.


We have defined various guidelines against which projects are assessed when they are submitted for evaluation to our organisation. These guidelines are based on the Four Principles of Catholic Social Doctrine: they play a key role in the evaluation of whether a project is eligible for support from BVA. Rather than being ‘hard’ criteria for acceptance, these are guidelines which are each individually assessed within the project’s wider context.

Two funding options

BVA provides two different funding options: one for projects submitted through Dutch parishes – which we refer to as our ‘Parish Initiatives’ *– and one for foreign foundations and organisations. Go to this page for additional information on this funding option.

*You can only be eligible for funding for a ‘Parish Initative’ if the application is submitted by a Dutch parish. This webpage is only available on our Dutch website.